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The American Village

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The American Village is a venue so unique, it’s a national treasure. Here in this museum of ideas, visitors step onto the stage of American history with costumed historical interpreters and explore the ideals of American liberty and self-government.

Highlights of the 183-acre campus include Washington Hall, inspired by George Washington’s Mount Vernon home; a Colonial Courthouse reminiscent of Williamsburg’s Courthouse of 1770; the President’s House, modeled after the Nation’s Philadelphia “White House;” a full-sized Oval Office; the Lucille Ryals Thompson Colonial Chapel, inspired by Bruton Parish Church of Williamsburg; and Liberty Hall, whose interior is patterned after the East Room of the White House.

Although the facilities play a key role in presenting the ideas and stories of the people and events surrounding America’s founding, the American Village is not about its buildings. It is instead about building in the hearts and minds of students and visitors -- young and old -- a sense of stewardship of what George Washington called “the sacred fire of liberty.”

In addition to student programs, the American Village offers public and group tours, and is a remarkable venue for weddings and private events.

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