Notary Public

Notaries Public are commissioned by the Probate Judge of each County and hold office for four years from the date of commission.

Notary Instructions – Failure to provide the items below will slow down the process of issuing your notary. Once you have all of the items listed below, you may either bring them in person or mail them to:

  • Allison S. Boyd
    Judge of Probate – Shelby County
    Post Office Box 825
    Columbiana, AL 35051

If you have any questions please contact the recording office at (205) 669-3720.

  1. Notary Bond – You will have to obtain a bond from the insurance company of your choice. You will have to sign your insurance bond and have your signature notarized. Make sure the insurance company has your name listed on the bond the way you want to notarize. You must sign/notarize using the name on the bond. (The name on your bond, stamp, seal and your signature must all match). NOTE: The commission/appointment date should be left blank, to be filled in by the Judge of Probate’s Office.
  2. Notary Application – Complete our notary application and include it with your bond. If this is for a new notary OR a renewal that expired more than 30 days ago you must also have three references sign the application in the appropriate places. There is a place for your voter information. If you do not know your precinct #, put the name of the place where you vote (ex. United Methodist Church or Pelham Civic Center). If you are not a registered voter, you must provide a utility bill with YOUR name on it showing your Shelby County address. Make sure you have signed the application.
  3. Payment - $43 check to the Judge of Probate. If coming in person, you may pay this amount in cash.
  4. Envelopes – If mailing the notary documents, include a self-addressed stamped envelope.